Welcome to Local Capacity Builder

Local Capacity Builder (LOCAB) is a non profit organization founded in 1997 by a group of Cambodia people with year-long experience in community development with national and international NGOs, and Cambodian Government. LOCAB was registered with the Ministry of Interior “license # 716សជណ” on November 25, 1998 on

November 25, 1998 see attached document Vision is our citizen has freedom and ability to success that not affects other people’s success opportunity and not harm environment

LOCAB mission is to research for new innovation and providing varieties of vocational training; for the poor; disable; disadvantaged; and grass-roots people in the town and rural areas to improve their living conditions toward to sustainable development without harm environment

Later on in 1999 LOCAB was funded by the Asian Development Bank, ADB, through the Ministry Of Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Under ADB grant $ 27000, LOCAB established a vocational project in order to provide vocational skills to children of poor families based in Kompong Chnang province. Provided vocational training included Sewing Training Courses, Radio/ TV Repairing course, motorcycle and car repair course, and village based veteran. Total about 110 boys and girls with total 15 courses at Kampong Chhang province 91 km. northern Phnom Penh. Most of girl trained get the jobs at the factories and about 30% of boys are set up their own small business such as motor bike repair shops, Animal health services, Radio and TV repair shops and 44% girls get job at factory

In the year 2005, president of LOCAB take initiative to research and develop the solar bicycle

In 2006 LOCAB get small grant from UNDP to make more research on solar bicycle to be better

In 2008 UNDP funded LOCAB more than $43000 set solar battery charging station for rural community. There are 4 hybrid solar battery stations had been set up and run successfully

In 2009 LOCAB set up solar pump clean water for eco resort in Komport seaside to support clean water wit whole resort and solar pump clean water to Poneary foundation for school clean water in Siam Reap. In 2010 set solar pump for Samdach Cheasim historic center in Pryveng and Clean water in Chhnuktru for LIAN IAD NGO. Recently LOCAB preside invent a first solar car in Cambodia. LOCAB has good skill with solar energy and solar clean water